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Roman Romanyshyn

Another spin off from my EMP Czech illustrators research…


Eva Bednarova

This is turning into a chain reaction, what started with EMP research has spun off into a little side project of discovering Czech artists with an interest in Asian art and culture. Thanks to finding Jaroslav Serych I came across Eva Bednarova.

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Further reading on this blog:

Jaroslav Šerých: illustrator, graphic artist, painter

Another offshoot post, this time dedicated to a Czech artist whose illustrations  in the book Fairy Tales from Japan caught my eye. Naturally what caught my eye what that this was a Czech artist dealing with the subject matter of Asian cultures, something I could associate with personally seeing as I am Czech but grew up in Asia up to leaving for university in the UK.

(Above: the website where I stumbled across the artist, the site I was using for my EMP Czech illustrators research)

(And the bottom image is of the book in question on Japanese fairytales)

(I was able to find out more about the artist thanks to this very lovely blog on ‘Forgotten Illustrators’

For further reading, as always Cesky Rozhlas is agreat source for anything Czech:


Another book with more lovely Japanese inspired illustrations, this time the title of the book pulled me in,

it translates to ‘the sold dream’ )

(I haven’t been able to find a larger version of the painting used in the invitation above so this will have to do to show off the contrasting colours and textures that I love—30_3_-2008)

( Interestingly I also found illustrations he made inspired by Indonesia, one of the countries I grew up in.

Leon Bakst: painter & costume designer

This is an artist I discovered as an offshoot of my research into Czech illustrators. Leon Bakst (1866-1924) was a Russian painter and set and costume designer.

“Beginning in 1909 Bakst worked mostly as a stage-designer, designing sets for Greek tragedies, and in 1908 made a name as a scene-painter for Diaghilev with the Ballets Russes (Cleopatra (1909), Scheherazade (1910), Carnaval (1910), Narcisse (1911), Le Spectre de la rose (1911), Daphnis et Chloé (1912)).”

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(‘La-Peri’,–1911-large.html )

Spotlight: Czech illustrators

This is part two of the spotlight series focusing on Czech artists and designers, part of my current project at university, the Extended Major Project (EMP). I am looking into Czech art and design to get a feel of the visual styles and trends used. A bit of a reconnecting with my roots if you like. So here is a collection of various illustrators I have come across. Some already familiar to me and dearly remembered from childhood, while others I’m seeing for the first time. I’ve come across a lot of brilliant work this way and not all of it is relevant to my project, but that’s why I’m putting it all up here, so that nothing is lost.

Spotlight: Czech designers

As part of my current project at university, the Extended Major Project (EMP), I am looking into Czech art and design to get a feel of the visual styles and trends used. A bit of a reconnecting with my roots if you like. Here are various Czech designers I’ve come across. It is a mix of ones relevant to my project and others which piqued my curiosity, all collected here so that nothing is lost.

Computer Arts Tutorial (Build type with flair by Tom Lane)

One of my lovely housemates showed me this tutorial he found in Computer Arts since he thought it might be relevant to my project. The moment I saw what he was holding I pounced on it because I love the work of Tom Lane (who I discovered last year) and have been secretly hoping he would make some tutorials.

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Update: I actually forgot about this tutorial for a time until the end of the EMP began creeping up. Clearly though, this tutorial and Tom Lane in general had been sitting in the back of my mind for a long time and only now, when the time was right did they come to the forefront. The perfect timing I speak of is when I was searching for a way of texturizing the logo and creating interesting backgrounds for some of the promotional material for the Prague 2020 Olympics EMP. Though a lot of his work involves applying textures to type (esp. tutorials such as this one) he does the same for images and that is where I am trying to take a leaf of out his book. A love of textures and colours is something that has stayed with me and my ‘style’ if you like throughout my evolution from ‘fine artist to graphic designer and illustrator. Tom Lane is the perfect example for me, of a designer and illustrator who uses textures. Refer to finalization section for more information on how Tom Lane influenced my EMP work.