EMP Publication: Part 1

This week I’ve really been feeling the pressure building for the EMP publication we are supposed to produce. Most people seem to either be using Blurb or binding the books on their own. Both of these options are a bit problematic for me because of the snowball effect of everything that has transpired lately. So I went back to my printing services list and actually began calling places up to make sure they do book binding (since that seems to be the main issue with local companies, that they don’t do binding). The printer at the Enterprise Pavilion will be conveniently closed around the time of our deadline so that doesn’t help. I picked up the phone and called up “dpi” and they absolutely made my day because they do everything I need, especially binding.


They do soft and perfect binding. My main concern was what deadline I have to set for myself for sending everything off for printing. I stressed that I needed everything done for Friday 7th of May and was told that as long as I give all the files to them at the beginning of that week, it’s fine, they will have plenty of time to get it done for Thursday evening. Which is great news! At the moment I don’t know yet the specifications of the publication, but I’m looking at A4 or under and I’m guessing 100-150 pages (possibly a second square book, also fits into A4, to showcase just the final designs. And of course A3 prints of the final designs (which I was told was £1 each). DPI also told me to just give them a call the week prior to when I need the printing done to go over any details and questions. So that’s the printing sorted!

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