Jaroslav Šerých: illustrator, graphic artist, painter

Another offshoot post, this time dedicated to a Czech artist whose illustrations  in the book Fairy Tales from Japan caught my eye. Naturally what caught my eye what that this was a Czech artist dealing with the subject matter of Asian cultures, something I could associate with personally seeing as I am Czech but grew up in Asia up to leaving for university in the UK.

(Above: the website where I stumbled across the artist, the site I was using for my EMP Czech illustrators research)

(And the bottom image is of the book in question on Japanese fairytales)


(I was able to find out more about the artist thanks to this very lovely blog on ‘Forgotten Illustrators’


For further reading, as always Cesky Rozhlas is agreat source for anything Czech: http://www.radio.cz/en/article/102150

( http://cedok.shop-pro.jp/?pid=3626377

Another book with more lovely Japanese inspired illustrations, this time the title of the book pulled me in,

it translates to ‘the sold dream’ )

(I haven’t been able to find a larger version of the painting used in the invitation above so this will have to do to show off the contrasting colours and textures that I love http://www.galeriehb.cz/exhibitions/exhibitions-all/jaroslav-serych_-graphics__14_2_—30_3_-2008)

( Interestingly I also found illustrations he made inspired by Indonesia, one of the countries I grew up in.



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