“Udel Nadani” – Czech Documentary Opportunity (Continues 3)

On Wednesday I emailed my tutors to update them on the whole “Udel Nadani” documentary opportunity (see ECP&E folder work for more). Unfortunately my original illness was added to by a few more complications which left me in bed for the entire week, even missing the formative assessment. I made an attempt mid-week to go in for the book-binding session but right before it started I simply had to admit defeat and go back home again. I truly wasn’t feeling well enough. In the email I also informed my tutors of my upcoming trip to Prague, that it couldn’t wait and yes I would inevitably be missing more time, but hoped for their understanding. If the documentary actually happened it would be good promotion for the course because they would want to film here for a day or two. By the time I would get back from Prague it will basically be Easter. This really isn’t an ideal arrangement but there is no way around it. I think I would regret it for a long time if I turned this opportunity down.

A lot of sleep, medicine and rest later I did manage to make my flight to Prague on Saturday. Though I basically collapsed that evening after a long day of travel. I had intentionally allowed myself Sunday and Monday as two full days of preparation and revision. I rummaged through all the photo albums, collecting photos which showed landmarks in my life, artistic development, and travels. And most importantly I tried to immerse myself in the Czech language by watching the news and listening to the radio whenever I could and also staging mock interviews with my relatives. Through many of these I noted down certain words or phrases which often evaded my tongue. They also helped me translate many of my notes, originally in English, which I needed to say in Czech. I should point out, that I can actually speak Czech just fine once I get back into the swing of things. These two days were meant to be an intense crash course of something that would naturally come to me in a week. I rarely get to speak Czech while at uni, which is no surprise. I only have the odd Czech movie or once a week/fortnight phone conversation with my parents to keep the language alive. I want to make the best impression I can during the interview and I think that if anything would let me down, it would be having what I want to say in my head but being unable to say it correctly in Czech, if at all. That’s my worst fear which has been kindly fostered by Czech people who meet me, find out I have grown up abroad, and proceed to talk loudly and slowly at me. A give me little pitying looks that just spell out ‘the poor thing can’t help it’. Though they fail to realize I understand them perfectly…though a few very technical or archaic terms do evade me.

I’ve been re-reading my notes and the written ‘confession’ I originally wrote up every night, I think I am as prepared as I can get within the time I have. Tomorrow’s the big day – Tuesday the 23rd of March.

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