“Udel Nadani” – Czech Documentary Opportunity (Continues 2)

The next hurdle, once I regained some common sense from dregs of my ill self, was that if I was to pursue this course of action I would need to move very quickly. Easter is around the corner, less then two weeks away, so I was of the view that surely the interview with the documentary maker could wait. Argument ensued of course and my parents won on the point that clearly, from her email, there wasn’t much time. I grudgingly agreed. If I really wanted this to succeed I would need to go as soon as possible – within a week. Similarly to a client not waiting on a designers, I could not let her wait on me otherwise I ran the risk of missing my opportunity. She could easily pass it on to one of the many other candidates who would be more accommodating to her time scale.

Having spent the past few days ill in bed, I did not relish the thought of losing even more time on my project and tutorials. But in the end, the long terms pros of what this opportunity could offer outweighed the cons of the immediate impact on my course work. Furthermore I hoped I could regain a lot of ground during Easter – I remember how beneficial the Easter holidays were for me last year when I decided to stay and work on uni work rather then take a break. So today I emailed the documentary maker and she approved the date of the interview. Right away I booked my tickets last minute – to travel to Prague this coming Saturday. I just hope I can get better by then.

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