“Udel Nadani” – Czech Documentary Opportunity (Continues)

Today I received the reply from the lady whose directing the documentary. She’s very pleased with the written piece I did and is sure we can discuss it all more thoroughly in person when I go to meet her in person in Zlin. She finishes on the note that she will be ending the audition/competition soon and that I should let her know when it would be possible for me to make the journey.

At this point I began to baulk at the whole idea of the documentary because it finally sunk in that it was getting quite real. I began to have terrifying visions along the lines of being stalked night and day by a paparazzi type film crew. An over-reaction I know but I couldn’t help it at the time. I’ve never undertaken anything like this. What’s probably to blame for this in part is that around this time I began feeling ill which spread into all of the follow week. Seeing as I was under the weather to begin with, I just wanted to call the whole thing off. I didn’t feel confident enough to even go for the interview much less actually do the documentary itself! Again horrifying visions ensue of me being laughed at for my imperfect use of the Czech language. I think my worry over my language skills was the biggest hurdle because I haven’t completed a Czech education, due to always being abroad.

What really helped me get out of the rut I was in was my parents and my friends. A loyal friend, who knew the whole story of this documentary opportunity, sat me down and gave me a serious talk about how I this turn of events was great for me and my future, and completely in my favour… I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. He also kindly reminded me of the fact that my recent fortune cookies from Chinese new year had been freakishly accurate. One actually said “a fool never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity” and the other spoke of something along the lines of a “successful future venture”. So there I had my anchor of moral support from friend and fate. My parents of course were calling almost on a daily basis to encourage me, especially after the success of my first ever solo exhibition in India (2008) and a potential exhibition in Prague this autumn. The calls proved to me that a) yes I can speak Czech  and b) frequent discussion with them would actually prove this to me because my Czech did come back miraculously fast. They also pointed out that this documentary opportunity alongside the exhibition would be a brilliant way of opening doors for the future back in the country of my birth.

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