"Udel Nadani" – Czech Documentary Opportunity

The story goes that in February of 2010, my mother discovered an ad running on Czech Television and immediately contacted me about it. The ad was about an audition/competition for a series of five documentaries about young, talented Czech people between the age of 18 – 30. Talent here is used in a very broad sense, not necessarily just within my field of art and design, but also in music, science, literature, anything! Thinking that I had nothing to lose I sent examples of my work to her and just today I got a response!

In her email she explained the details of the documentary and outlined a written ‘confession’ as she called it which she would like me to write so that she can get a sense of who I am and what my life has been like. The documentary is titled ‘Udel Nadani’ which roughly (though awkwardly) translates to ‘Fate of the Talented’ or ‘Fated Gifts’. In the five documentaries she plans to show the ups and downs which talent brings to its bearers, that it’s not a walk in the park, nor does it somehow makes life magically easier or better. What is the place of these talented youths with their ‘gifts from nature’  within their families, friends circles, schools, careers and society at large? Do we do more harm then good by them?

Based on the work that I sent her, she said it intrigued her along with my back story and that she would like to know more. Her genuine interest is something I didn’t really anticipate at all. I thought I should make the effort to apply never actually thinking that I would get through. At this point I haven’t technically been ‘chosen’ yet, I have simply progressed to the next elimination round which consists of my written ‘confession’. This is supposed to be quite personal and purely between me and her, not something that will be published or used in the documentary.  And then the next stage of course is to meet in person, which she stressed in her email as being very important to her. For her to further judge my character face to face, understand who I am as a person, and my suitability for the documentary.

She leaves the shape of the written piece up to me, as long as it’s personal and not an essay, but started me off with some suggestions… How has your life and travels unravelled so far? What influenced and influences you? What do you seek in life? What are you dreams and aspirations? How and why did you start to do what you do (art & design)? How did you adapt to foreign places? What have you studied?

The audition/competition “Udel Nadani” is something she is creating on her own (with the help of a few crew members) as a comission for Czech Television (http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/). She did a similar series in the past which was well received so this builds upon those foundations.

Please refer to ECP&E folder work for more documentation of all this.

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