EMP Search for Printing Services

As part of the EMP (Extended Major Project) we are required to design and print a book documenting the project from start to finish. The book should be of high quality, well thought through and an all-round good piece of design and is meant to act as a portfolio piece to show off at interviews. So I have begun the search for a print company to use when the time comes to get the book printed and here are the ones I have found so far…

1. Blurb

One of my tutors suggested Blurb as a good company to use for book printing and I must say that from what I have seen on their website I agree. Their website is friendly, and easy to use and you quickly get the information you need rather then needing to hunt around for the seemingly well-hidden prices. They even have a free application available to use for putting your book together! The only downside is the delivery time since it seems to be based in the US, which may prove to be a problem for me on this project and I might need to find a UK based company instead.



Above is their price list with all details you need…I think for this project I’d probably be looking at either the Portrait book or one of the Landscape ones.

I really like the look of the matte hardcover imagewrap and I think this is something I will try to look out for in the UK-based companies I hope to find.

2. ImageXL

This is literally the most conveniently located print company because it is at the Enterprise Pavilion within the AUCB campus.

{ http://www.imagexl.co.uk }

sales@imagexl.co.uk – tel 0845 0034 297

Enterprise Pavilion, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5HH

3. The Print Agency

This is a company a lot of people on the course seem to use and have quite good experience with, aaand a bonus is that it’s actually located in Bournemouth!


The Print Agency
Top Floor
Canford Chambers
22 St Peter’s Road

t | 01202 312 310
f | 01202 312 311
m | 07866 418 588 or 07976 122205
e | print@theprintagency.com
w | http://www.theprintagency.com

Our offices are located in the heart of the Bournemouth’s busy town centre – opposite Bliss and Toko on St. Peters Road.

On Foot:
If you walk through the town centre and turn into the Burlington Arcade (with Boots The Chemist on the corner), come through the arcade and on to St Peters Road, turn left and we are on the top floor of the first building on your left – (sign says The Print Agency)

4. DPI (design print internet)

Another print company in Bournemouth with high quality examples of their work on their site, and they seem to do just about everything. I was searching through many Bournemouth print company websites and so far this one has stuck out of the crowd as being the most impressive and professional-looking. This looks very promising. I’ll definitely be getting some quotes from them along with the Print Agency.


DPI Limited
The Warehouse
Rear Of 25
Southcote Road

Print Enquiries
Telephone 01202 552 555
Facsimile 01202 552 444
Email enquiries@d-p-i.co.uk

Design Enquiries
Email design@d-p-i.co.uk

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