Computer Arts Tutorial (Build type with flair by Tom Lane)

One of my lovely housemates showed me this tutorial he found in Computer Arts since he thought it might be relevant to my project. The moment I saw what he was holding I pounced on it because I love the work of Tom Lane (who I discovered last year) and have been secretly hoping he would make some tutorials.

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Update: I actually forgot about this tutorial for a time until the end of the EMP began creeping up. Clearly though, this tutorial and Tom Lane in general had been sitting in the back of my mind for a long time and only now, when the time was right did they come to the forefront. The perfect timing I speak of is when I was searching for a way of texturizing the logo and creating interesting backgrounds for some of the promotional material for the Prague 2020 Olympics EMP. Though a lot of his work involves applying textures to type (esp. tutorials such as this one) he does the same for images and that is where I am trying to take a leaf of out his book. A love of textures and colours is something that has stayed with me and my ‘style’ if you like throughout my evolution from ‘fine artist to graphic designer and illustrator. Tom Lane is the perfect example for me, of a designer and illustrator who uses textures. Refer to finalization section for more information on how Tom Lane influenced my EMP work.

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