Orange Label Design

I stumbled across this design agency yesterday while doing some research into Czech design for my Extended Major Project. I came across a post titled “The World Best Designers: Czech Republic” from a blog by Francesco Mugnai and Orange Label was on that list. I was initially under the impression that Orange Label was a Czech design agency but in fact they have offices all around the world (Prague, London, New York, Moscow and Cyprus). This discovery is a bit of a breakthrough for me because I have been searching for these kind of design agencies for a while as part of my looking-at-future-possibilities for where I could see myself working (in agencies which have offices all around the world and potentially in Prague). This is the first company I have found with an office in Prague as well as London, which are two places I have been looking at for future employment (London because I plan to move there next year for an MA and Prague because it is my homecity).

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On their homepage (above) you are first and foremost met with this illustration

which can be downloaded as a wallpaper.

Then as you scroll down you see their services, company profile, contact details and prices. What caught my eye right away was the four playful tabs explaining what kind of work they do, accompanied by friendly, colourful, and humorous illustrations; equating the company to a man in white, godlike figure, who at a swoosh of his hand delivers exactly what the client asked for (i.e. rainbows and sparkles) so that the client can relax and sit around between clouds and rainbows surrounded by abducted cows 🙂

What I like about the company is that they come across as very versatile, as you scroll further down the page you see examples of all the different types of work they offer ranging from web design, to visual identities, illustration and cute characters and icon sets.

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