ISTD Entry?

With everything that’s been pencilled into my calendar since January, it has truly been mayhem from the beginning, starting with arriving a week late thanks to weather, and refer to other posts for updates on the rest. I was really pleased with my ISTD project from last term but now the deadline for registration has come up (well, did come up this Friday 19th February). With everything that’s been going on, especially MA related, I really haven’t been idle. I feel that I am lagging a bit behind on my EMP and I have a bad feeling that if I give into my my ambitious side (like I did to a point with my RCA application which had some consequences for my dissertation) it might end up hurting me more then helping me in the long run. The EMP is worth the most points in terms of the total grade for this year so I really can’t afford to mess it up. With everything considered, I decided not to try entering my ISTD project because of all the extra work and stress it would entail when I already have plenty to deal with. But perhaps it’s something to consider for next year, and I can plan things better with entering ISTD in mind.

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