Online Portfolio?

Quite early on in the third year I realized building a portfolio is going to be a big part of this year (esp. for the ECP&E unit). Last year on Fda Visual Communication we underwent a portfolio webdesign unit. This was where I got my first ever taste of webdesign and and the software skills that go with it – Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, HTML. As a first ever website attempt I was very proud of my baby, even though through the process of creating it I had unearthed many issues and mistakes. By the time it was done I had come to terms with the fact I would have to redesign it. The website is no longer up because it was hosted by the Vis Comm course and is updated every year. This is actually a good thing for a number of reasons. Firstly, since I decided very early on that I need to completely redo it, there has been no point in updating it. Secondly, because I do not particularly want people to fixate on it as my portfolio site when it really isn’t. Nonetheless here is the deceased original site:

The idea of creating a new website this year was something I did not set high on my priority list because I felt it would be best to do it the summer after graduating … upon gaining more skills and more work to showcase.  My main focus naturally shifted towards a printed/pdf portfolio anyway because my plans for next year involved getting onto an MA Graphic Design course in London. Therefore I steered all my portfolio related progress towards meeting the requirements of my career aspirations of an MA. I think that if I was going straight into a job instead I would probably have given the print based and web based portfolio equal weight.

Even though I have not focus on creating a website this year, I still plan to tackle this over the summer with the help of two friends and fellow designers. I’ve already been discussing options with them and it seems the best solution – in terms of easy updating due to the fact that I am simply not cut out for web design – is creating a website based on (

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