AUCB Internal Open Day

My tutors actually mentioned the upcoming AUCB Open Day, something I hadn’t really considered up to this point. Part of my reason for wanting to do an MA, was to move up to London and do it in order to get used to the city, network, and ease the transition to a potential future design job there after I finish university. Out of curiosity of what my own university had to offer (Arts University College Bournemouth) I sent to the internal Open Day nonetheless yesterday (5th February). Unfortunately I quite quickly discovered that the course philosophy and structure wasn’t really what I was looking for. I can see why it would be great for some people, since it’s very much about overlapping ALL disciplines, but for the MA I want something quite specialized and focused on Graphic Design. So even though I can appreciate it, I do recognize that it’s simply not the right kind of course for me.

MA Graphic Design

The Graphic Design pathway encourages designers to explore ways to develop understanding between co-communicators, through systematically interrogating design practice, and by generating alternative visual solutions.
MA students enquire into ways that users make meaning from graphic design in order to take into consideration a range of factors (such as materiality and site) that potentially contribute to communication processes. Students seek to anticipate the possible consequences of their design interventions, including the meanings constructed through their practice, in relation to ethical and sustainability issues as well as to other relevant contexts. Creative approaches are required that respond to complex situations in which many problems reside. Methodologies are therefore developed on the course that identify particular research foci; where practice is supported by relevant lines of enquiry, research methods, and appropriate theoretical frameworks. Outcomes are not constrained by media or by limited interpretations of what it is to be a graphic designer. Consequently an outcome might involve the design of an experience or service, as much as it might concern more conventional forms of graphic production.

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