February Progress & Planning: Mayhem Continues

With the RCA portfolio out of the way (27th of January) I had to basically drop everything and finally focus on finishing my dissertation since I had less then a week to do so (1st of February). To be perfectly honest the days leading up to the dissertation mitigation deadline were difficult. I had been ill and nonetheless pushed myself to get the portfolio done even though it’s a task that requires a great deal of time, as my tutor had warned me. And some of his words of warning came true, I did ‘kill myself’ to some degree in an effort to get it done and handed in. To the point that when it came to switching gears to the dissertation, I felt like I had run out of steam. I was worn out and clutching at empty air for motivation. It’s also good to mention that while I had all these other priorities, the EMP was looming over it all that a little dark rain cloud.

Dissertation (Investigative Study): I did manage to finish it in the end though I wasn’t completely happy with it, but at this point actually handing it in seemed a miracle in and of itself. It was not that my essay lacked research, or ideas, quite on the contrary. I was trying to put too much into it so most of the time was spent of severe editing and restructuring to make my arguments as concise as possible. I can’t remember the last time I wrote something that didn’t go over the word limit, and the various drafts I had written of the essay kept getting bigger and bigger. At least it’s done now, and I think that overall it should be fine.

Exhibition Fundraiser (28th &  29th January): On top of everything we had a class meeting on Thursday 28th January. We had decided to make Valentines Day cards to help make money for our final year show. So as a bit of a diversion, to hopefully improve my mindset and help me refocus on my essay, I took breaks on Thursday and Friday to work on the card design. I decided to go for a more classic approach then what most people had chosen (based on the designs people were posting on the facebook group). A rather decorative, daresay ‘romantic’, type+illustration card design. This is the result….

EMP: Today (2nd of February) I just handed in the EMP learning agreement I had been working on parallel to the essay and RCA stuff. All the essay writing and furious editing I really helped me I think in writing a good learning agreement. It said only what it needed to and for once was NOT over the word limit – MIRACLE!!! I am rather proud of myself on this point.

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