January Mayhem: Part 3

The original deadline I had set myself for putting together was Monday 25th of January so that I would have enough time to send it off. But in the end I had to be realistic about what I could achieve in such a short space of time, especially with being ill on top of it all. To give myself more time, in order to get the portfolio as good as I could make it, I decided to go up to London in person on Wednesday 27th of January to give it in. For Tuesday I managed to get an A3 portfolio designed and went in to the mac suite in the afternoon to try print it and mount in on board (which I had already bought). Obviously, things didn’t quite turn out as planned. The entire computer network broke down making it impossible even to log-in. I stayed till the evening, in the hope that it would start working again. A panic eventually set in of giving in no portfolio rather then some portfolio. So, I headed back home and spent most of the night converting everything to A4 format, printing it on some nice quality paper I had lying around, and using one of my lovely Rexel faux-suede cover display books which I had picked up for Specialist Practice.


Disaster ensued, and was averted overnight. Along with this single display book portfolio, I had to also include back up and developmental work for the projects. This meant quite a few folders so I put everything into my handy four wheel suitcase that rolls almost by itself, and went off to London. I gave in my portfolio at the Royal College of Art, marked by the tags and labels they posted on their website, and left it there suitcase included (since I would have to pick it up in person as well). That’s one massive weight off my shoulders, but there are a lot more to go…

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