Royal College of Art Application

There seem to be too many deadlines happening at the same time at the moment, but what’s making life a little bit easier for me is that the RCA application is actually online instead of paper based. This gives me extra time, which I desperately need at this point. I filled in the application over the weekend relatively quickly, but the most time consuming bit of the application process is creating a good personal statement. The first draft of the personal statement I did in a sort of ‘freewriting’ style. Meaning that I simply wrote whatever came to mind, to get all my ideas on paper regardless of word count, structure or spelling. Then the next version naturally addressed these issues. As is my habit I went over the word count because of being overly wordy, so part of the editing process was just condensing and simplifying everything. The personal statement went through about three rewrites over the weekend.

I really wasn’t sure what to include and what to leave out, so first thing on Monday after the ECP&E briefing I was able to go over the personal statement with one of the tutors. This was invaluable in helping me clarify what type of language to use, how to structure the piece and what the RCA would be interested in reading. My biggest problem was that I had included too much personal history when in fact the main focus of the personal statement is supposed to be why I want to be on the course and study at the RCA. So, I spent the rest of Monday finalizing the personal statement according to tutor feedback and it went through a total of 8 or 9 revisions by the end! My tutor mentioned how during his MA studies he spent an incredibly long amount of time working on similar statement about his project. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had just experienced a similar thing myself. I basically spent three days working on a 500 word page of text! Luckily I did make the midnight deadline. I think that this application process as well as the upcoming portfolio creation, will be a great crash course in MA application in general. I still think that the RCA MA isn’t quite the right one for me but it’s worth applying for nonetheless so I don’t cut off any potential options and opportunities. Perhaps a few weeks down the line I may end up deciding I would like to go down the more fine arty route, and the RCA MA would be perfect for that. At the least, if I decided for one of the other university MA’s the work I do now will inevitably help me for those anyway. And of course in the grand scheme of things getting a portfolio sorted this early on  is great for the ECP&E unit.

Royal College of Art Application Guidelines

18 January 2010: closing date for receipt of applications
27 January 2010: closing date for receipt of portfolios
26 February 2010: invitations issued to candidates selected for interview
19 March 2010: interviews completed
31 March 2010: results letters sent

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