January Time Planning and Project Management

Upon finally returning to Bournemouth, almost a week late, I had to make a list of priorities because a lot was happening at the same time.

1. Royal College of Art Application and Deadline

First and foremost I have to complete my portfolio and application for the Royal College of Art because that’s the first deadline coming up. The deadline for the online application is midnight on the 18th of January. The deadline for the portfolio is the 27th of January. I need to either deliver it in person or find a method of sending it, and therefore get it done enough in advance to allow time for delivery. At the moment I really don’t know what shape the portfolio will take yet or how long it will take me so I will have to wait and see.

2. Dissertation (Investigative Study)

The original deadline for the Investigative Study was the day after I had finally gotten back, Thursday 14th of January. But because of the travel/weather delays I was able to get a week extension. So, the new deadline is Thursday 21st of January. I spent the first two days back working on the IS, and then the weekend and Monday (16-18th) working on the RCA application. And then my focus has to switch back again to the Investigative Study.

3. Extended Major Project (EMP)

Once the RCA application and Investigative Study are out of the way, then I can allow myself to focus on my EMP as well as the RCA portfolio for the 27th. What was really helpful was that due to many people having travel issues, like I had, over Christmas the start of term was postponed from Monday the 11th to Monday the 18th (when we will probably receive the official ECP&E brief). We will get the official EMP brief on Tuesday the 19th.

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