January Mayhem: Part 1

Prior to leaving for Christmas break, we were advised to try come up with a solid final idea for our EMP for when we came back. Most of my work time over Christmas was devoted to my dissertation (Investigative Study) so I was rather panicky about whether I would manage to come up with an idea for my EMP in time.

It all begins on one picturesque Christmas in Prague, snowed-in and trying in vain to come up with a brilliant idea for my final year project. It has become a rare thing to spend the holidays with family and extended family all together back in the place of my birth. Something that’s an inevitable side-effect of growing up abroad and living abroad all my life. In the thrall of reconnecting with long lost relatives and my neglected Czech roots, an idea landed in my lap as nonchalantly as if it drifted down with the snowflakes. Up to this point I had done brainstorms and come up with a number of options, but felt that I hadn’t found the right one yet. It wasn’t hard to see why, with the ominous phrases ‘sustained focus’ and ‘significant body of work’ from the unit brief looming over my head. I had disregarded all the other ideas because I needed to find something I was passionate about. Something that would stir enough enthusiasm and motivation to sustain me over the long weeks of the project.

{When you live in a generally tropical climate all your life, snow seems exotic. Mind you, these pictures are from BEFORE the big snow storms hit}

Sleep on it, that’s what they tell you and oddly enough it works sometimes. One night, as I was snuggled up in bed, with the snow still snowing outside like it had done for days, I reached that inbetween place you go to as you’re falling asleep, not quite asleep yet but not quite awake either. Where things are a bit blurred in both directions but it seems to be a well spring of ideas if you can stir yourself to get up and write them down afterwards. Otherwise you run the risk of forgetting them by morning. I remember seeing the image of a poster I had seen in a mall the other day, advertising the Czech team uniforms for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. That seemed to trigger an older memory of a Prague Olympic logo bid I had seen in a Czech-English design magazine. And right there, out of the fuzzy dark came the perfect
solution – designing the visual identity for the Prague 2020 Olympic Games. Just as a point of reference, here is the Prague 2016 Applicant City logo…

Left: new logo for Prague 2016 Applicant City
AbcPrague.com. Czech Olympic Logo has Changed. (2007). [Online image]. Available from: http://www.abcprague.com/images/265.jpg [Accessed 6 January 2010]
Right: original logo for Prague 2016 Applicant City
AbcPrague.com. Czech Olympic Logo has Changed. (2007). [Online image]. Available from: http://www.abcprague.com/images/279.jpg [Accessed 6 January 2010]

{This is when things got a bit more interesting. All the snow did complicate things to be sure. My flight was cancelled and I had to rebook it three times –  due to the status of roads as well as at the Prague and London airports – before I actually made it back to Bournemouth, almost a week late. Well, at least it made for a rather picturesque Christmas}
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