Open Day: Royal College of Art

Today I went up to London for the MA Communication in Art & Design at Royal College of Art 9:30 – 2:30 (wake up at 5, catch 6:30 train!). It was a bit of a nerve wrecking experience because I haven’t been to London very often and therefore don’t know my way around. So, orientation and getting to places on time and not getting lost was my main concern. Luckily the London Travel website was a brilliant lifesaver for me because it actually let me plan my journey. This is something I will definitely be using for planning the other Open Day visits.

I made it to the RCA just fine, but was rather surprised by the number of people who turned up for the Open Day! This whole Open Day process was all new to me because I had never gone to one before. I was applying from abroad for my Foundation course. Here are some photos from the Open Day. The top two photos are from the main gallery where the current work from the communication Art & Design course was being displayed. That’s where the Open Day started and then moved to the studio space (bottom two images) for the first and second years on the MA. What was surprising about the exhibition of current work was that it was very fine arty, unexpectedly so. I assumed it would be more of a standard MA Graphic Design course whereas it seems to be a much more cross-disciplinary. The only piece from the show which I thought looked like something similar to what you would find on my current BA Graphic Design course is the one below “Can you describe the modern meaning of brand?”

This poster actually fits really well as a reference for the current ISTD brief I am doing for Specialist Practice which similarly focuses on infographics and typography. The whole clean design look and use of circles as the main shape is right up my avenue for this project.

This is the abstract, for me to get an idea of what kind of language is expected in MA level briefs. This may be useful when it comes around to writing our own briefs for the Extended Major Project, the largest and last unit for this year.

A close up of the poster


I’m really glad I took the time to go to this Open Day and I think that it will be invaluable for me to attend Open Days for all the other courses I am interested in. I really did not expect this degree of fine arty-ness. I’m still not sure if I will pursue MA study but because the deadline for the RCA is so much sooner then all the others (January), I think I will apply anyway. I think what will really help me make up my mind is when I go to the other Open Days. Already now I kinda of know that the RCA course isn’t exactly the type of course I am looking for as an MA. I do have a fine art background so I definitely would be able to do it and fit in quite well. But I have intentionally been steering my university studies towards graphic design rather then fine art. So, I think for an MA I should keep heading in that direction otherwise it will feel like a step back.

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