Career Planning … for next year

I entered the third year with the mindset that for next year I would probably go out searching for design work, work placements/intern ships and part time work. Through the course of the Specialist Practice and Investigative Study units so far I have slowly begun to open up to all possibilities and have put MA study back on the table. Basically this is because I have noticed how much my work has developed so far, and it’s only the beginning! I think that if I can meet my aims for the year (improving the quality of my portfolio, learning Illustrator and improving my typography skills) I could perhaps feel like now I have come into my own. That I have covered all the essential skills I need and through an MA I can use them and explore their possibilities and how that will shape me as a designer. This year feels like the big final push and I need to cover a  lot of ground to make up for my short comings.

Furthermore I think that an MA would be a great opportunity for networking and would ease my transition to a new place – hopefully London. I think this would be smoother and more beneficial for me rather then just moving up to London and not knowing what to do with myself because I will probably have no work for a long time (economic crisis). So, I did some research into which universities offer MA courses and here are the short-listers in no particular order:

Since this idea is something I am considering, I immediately looked up application deadlines and Open Days. The first one up is for the Royal College of Art. I signed up for the Open Day on the 2nd of December and the deadline for application is in January. All the other universities have Open Days in February and the deadlines are right before the summer. I’m still really unsure about this MA idea, but I hope that perhaps going to the Open Day will help me make up my mind about whether it’s the right thing for me.

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