Summer 2009 Recollections

July to August

{unfinished digital painting done in Photoshop, various partitions representing various natural elements}

{the next digital sketch I worked on, more figurative oriented but using a similar style like in the first circle sketch}

{close-ups of two potential versions…also I really like how the close up of the face has turned out, the body still needs a lot of work and detailing}

{a revised, developed version of the sketch…it still needs a lot of work, the composition needs to be stronger and again, more detailed needed in the rest of the design and not only the face area}

“Alchemy” an open drawing project

I was looking through some work on DeviantArt when I discovered the Alchemy sketching software thanks to the work of (see pieces below)

top three images:

bottom image close-up:


This image contained the link to the Alchemy sketching software website…explained below…

alchemy |’alkemē

Figurative: a process by which paradoxical results are achieved or incompatible elements combined with no obvious rational explanation

Alchemy is an open drawing project aimed at exploring how we can sketch, draw, and create on computers in new ways. Alchemy isn’t software for creating finished artwork, but rather a sketching environment that focuses on the absolute initial stage of the creation process. Experimental in nature, Alchemy lets you brainstorm visually to explore an expanded range of ideas and possibilities in a serendipitous way.

The results (as seen from the DeviantArt images) as well as the philosophy behind the software were very interesting, it seemed to be much more about the process of drawing, a kind of ‘free drawing’ or stream of consciousness style image generation then final pieces. It seemed similar to ‘freewriting’ which is a technique I learned on the Creative Writing AUCB short course, as a way to limber up prior to writing an essay, a story, a poem, ANY kind of writing. I was initially rather reluctant about freewriting but after trying it a few times I found it truly invaluable and perhaps this Alchemy software will do the same for visual brainstorming/quick idea generation.

Free writing — also called stream-of-consciousness writing — is a writing technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic. It produces raw, often unusable material, but helps writers overcome blocks of apathy and self-criticism. It is used mainly by prose writers and writing teachers. Some writers use the technique to collect initial thoughts and ideas on a topic, often as a preliminary to formal writing.

– Wikipedia,

The Alchemy software website linked to the digital artist Andrew Jones who showcases it in his unusual style of work.

After watching this I decided to look up other videos of his work and came across this…

…which then led to finding his official site…

My initial experiments with the Alchemy software…

A more advanced sketch done in Alchemy (top) and then colored and edited in Photoshop (bottom) …

From Canvas to Screen…

This is another project I worked on at the end of August 2009. In the summer of 2008 I started two paintings based off of creature designs I used in the Dreamscapes Series (done as a final major project during my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design year) …

{ “The Dreamscapes Series” }

{ on DeviantArt:}

{ on Art Limited: }

And here are close ups of the creature designs I am refering to taken from the right hand panel of the series…

And here is the project I was working on this summer. The image on the left is of initial stages of a canvas painting I started last summer but never got to finish. This summer, since I didn’t have the painting with me, I decided to simply work over the photography digitaly in Photoshop (that’s what the image on the right is).

“Solar Eclipse”

“Lunar Eclipse”

These are both works in progress still but I am quite happy with the direction it is going in now…it was initially very difficult to get the right effect of an ‘eclipse’ especially the sun one because of the blinding gold light effect I was going for…I think the moon needs more of that to really make it pop. I tried to keep some of the texture from the canvas and marry that with the digital painting additions I did over the top. I would like to come back to these and finish them before attempting to replicate them back on the original canvases.

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