Mandala Project by Jekyll & Hyde

Another gem I discovered on Behance. This time a modern, paper rendition on traditional sand mandalas. The mandala form – circle within a square, within a circle etc. –  is one I have used quite often in my fine art work.

“Mandalas are present since ever in almost all culture from Paleolithic Africa to Middle Age and acquire a strong importance for Buddhism. We adopted this archetype to express our view about the graphic designer’ job.

By making the Mandala we wanted to symbolize the complexity of designing, the quest, the great efforts and the attention to details behind every work, as well as the grow by doing i.e. the ability to learn from any experience and use it as a breathing space and professional enrichment.

After some time the Buddhist tradition wants that Mandalas are busted up by sweeping its sand away; we believed this gesture is well representing the “destroy to make it better” concept, to avoid to grow fond of a project but, instead, to always try to improve it.

Finally, by this destruction we wanted to ironically recall that so many graphic artifacts tend to disappear very soon simply becoming the tomorrow garbage.

This Mandala was created to illustrate an interview we had with ddn free (italian magazine), Design Diffusion Edizioni’ magazine.”

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