Goals & Aims

Had my first ever tutorial today but it wasn’t about the current workshop of course, it was for us to meet the tutors and bring in some of our work, and discuss goals and aims for the year. Over summer, I have been planning, and in some cases already working on, certain areas of my creative practice I would like to develop further or which are in need of improvement.

Here are some key points from notes I made on the first day which are relevant to this:

  • DISPLAY BOOK: a compilation, a report of your work…you can edit it and include your best projects (if you include unsuccessful work be sure to make it clear what it is and evaluate it, have a reason for putting it in!)
  • a clever student will adapt this year’s briefs to their plans and aims for where they want to go afterwards, what portfolio they want to have
  • think about where you see yourself as a designer on the coordinate grid self-other/open-closed…to do this you need to know what and who is out there already and where they sit on the grid
  • map out where you are now and where you want to go <<<
  • also received the brief for “Evaluation, Career Planning & Enterprise” keep track of what you do, update it regularly so that you don’t need to backtrack at the end…can be blog or paper based though a blog seems recommended
A summary of the tutorial…
1.  typography first and foremost, it’s my greatest weakness I think.
So far my work has been leaning more towards the illustrative end, and for my portfolio I would like to have a good balance of different types of work which employ all the key skill sets. Therefore, and I know this might sound a bit general, but I would like to do more ‘graphic design’ based work (which I guess in my case is just more type and less illustration).
2. That brings me to my next major aim which I began addressing over the summer, ILLUSTRATOR!!! I use Photoshop the most, and have made myself use InDesign as much as I can (it’s even gotten to the point that I prefer it to traditional sketchbooks), I have learnt Flash and Dreamweaver but they are not programmes I would want to use on an everyday basis in a future job. Somehow I haven’t been able to get into the habit of using Illustrator which I do recognize as a pretty crucial program. With the help of some tutorials and books I began teaching it to myself this summer and for this coming year I would like to intentionally steer myself towards projects which require me to use Illustrator (and ideally typography as well, that way I will be addressing all my aims in one). This year I went to the D&AD New Blood show and absolutely loved the type of work exhibited there and it gave me an idea of what level I should be aiming for this year…it raised the bar for me. Last year I worked in a group on the HP brief but we had to leave it unfinished. So for the unit where we need to choose a live brief, I’ll probably go for a D&AD brief.  The commercial aspect of the briefs is appealing to me since I tend to work quite conceptually, and as I mentioned this year seems to be a year for balancing everything out and filling in the gaps.
3. At the moment, going into my third year, I’m looking at finding junior design work next year after I graduate. Or perhaps start with a part-time job to get some money, and then work placements/internships alongside it.
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