Workshop 1 – True

The Brief
Think of a sentence, a statement, and come up with evidence for it to prove that it’s true (don’t get too tied up on the evidence part, be creative)
Some initial thoughts…
It’s here! The first brief of 3rd year BA Graphic Design! Receiving this brief was a bit of a shock actually but, on the other hand, I can see why they would do it this way. Basically, we were given the brief and told to go off and do it, no tutorials, no contact time, a sink or float type approach to see what we do with it when we bring it in to show for the first time in the crit. Also, with fast paced workshops, such as this one, which we will be seeing more of, it is not something I have done very often/recently.  Therefore I think it might be a bit of a trial and error in terms of time planning (how much time I can allow myself to spend on each section – idea generation, research, idea development, finalization).
Brainstorm Summary
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