on-going illustration exercise…

I started an illustraton on the 17th of January, just something quick to loosen up and get into a better mindset…inspired by the Chinese new year. I decided to come back to it and develop it over time, so it’s somewhat of an ongoing project, something I can fall back on or something to take my mind off of course work.


This is the sketch I started on the 17th of January…I soon realized that the anatomy wasn’t working, that I liked how the body sat on the page but the head didn’t match it so I began trying to rearrange it….the result of the change is shown below as well as a lot of further development…a glowing night time feel, with falling petals and a flower-like lantern.


Above, some of the main issues I have with this at the moment is the eyes…really have to try re-work those as well as just the general area around the eyes. I like th elantern idea for the background and the stock image I found (which I duplicated a few times to get the flower effect) is truly lovely but it is too dominant at th emoment.

Below is the illustration as of the 21st of February 2009….the following tutorial which I found on Deviant Art really helped me with this piece: [link]



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