The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

3113128830_02bb4ec7e0I went to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” yesterday…a very touching and beautiful film, it may be long but it holds your attention throughout.

I am putting it in here because it fits nicely with the earlier post about the 20 year old model made to look 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. In that post I focused on how the age 10 transformation was the one I found most intriguing because I think the reverse aging process isn’t something I see much of in ads and films. Benjamin Button though was a perfect example of this and that’s why it’s such a rare story…a man who is born old and grows younger.

The film makes you question a lot of the norms of society regarding the relation of age and love, because they cannot possibly apply to the special case of Benjamin Button. In one scene for example, when Benjamin is still a child (though he looks like an old man) he becomes friends with a young girl and they sneak around the house one night and hide under the table. They get caught by the girl’s relative (grandmother?) who keeps saying ‘shame on you’ to Benjamin…lots of the scenes tip toe around such tender issues.  We can understand where the grandmother is coming from but we as the viewer know that Benjamin is only a child in his mind, and that is what counts…though that is not how the world sees his case….the world goes by face value.

Another example of this is when Benjamin is getting young and goes into his teenage years. For the last time he goes to see the love of his life and that night she comes to him for a last night together. This time the guild rides with his love interest, and she is the one who questions whether what she is doing is right even though she knows Benjamin is older in truth then his body. This situation of a older woman with a younger man is another that is frowned upon.

Personally I never heard of this story before so I was absolutely enthralled and blown away…it’s incredibly sad but somehow poetic at the same time…how all rules of relationships are turned upside down…and how these two people meet in the middle as they go opposite ways…one ages, one grow younger.

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