icon rampage

My favourite icon sets…


I like how this has a clean, airy feel to it, with the light colours…on the other hand though I downloaded the full windows blinds file for it and everything is a bit too bright…too much white/light colours which makes things a bit hard on the eye. I think some of the icons are too similar to each other and hard to distinguish easily but I absolutely love the Adobe icons set…I think those work the best. Now that I think about it though…perhaps the other icons would hold their own as well if they were on a darker background where they could stand out more.



Speaking of Adobe icons…ta dah! My other favourite set of adobe icons alonside the gaia icons (first set)…lovely, simple, shiny, bright, round, bouncy, colourul….what else could one ask for?



Traditional style icons?!?! such a simple idea, I mean, WHY NOT? But, I guess you get so caught up in the standard looks of icons that you just don’t think that they could look any way you want them to! A lovely set, each one is distinct and clear and beautifully stylized. This is the set that made me realize, hey I don’t need to try imitate what’s already out there, I can make my very own set of icons if I want in my own style. Icons is not an area I have ever considered before but after coming across such a diverse and inspiring selection I am heavily tempted to try my hand at it in the future.



This set just blew me away all over again, so beautifully rendered and yet again a truly ‘thinking out of the box’ idea.

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