Spring Hullabaloo Designs

spring-hullabaloo-contact-12(the final correspondence)

So, things have come to an end. Originally I was going to work with Jeff but then he couldn’t make it and an illustrator stepped in instead…and it turned from group work to pitching against the illustrator. This was the first time I have had to pitch against someone for a live brief, in other projects I’ve been up against people but only once the final pieces have been handed in. This pitch was at a mock-up/sketches stage. This experience, of pitching as well as being declined, are both very common things in the industry (as so many of the visiting lecturers have said). Even though I did not get selected, it seems that from the feedback I got a good review from them nonetheless and that they will keep me in mind or recommend my work to others.

I could complete the brief nonetheless as something to put into my portfolio…(didn’t get the time to do this in the end but that doesn’t mean I can’t come back to it sometime and finish it…maybe over the summer).


The final mock-up I made for the poster design


The final mock-up banner design

Preliminary designs…

(banner designs)


Wednesday 28th January 2008

(the unintentional pitch)

The work below is what I have done up to this point and what I plan to show Caitlin. I met up with Caitlin after all the re-schedulling of the meeting (something I couldn’t afford to do in the industry I think, but since we are both students, and thanks to her being understanding, everything worked out fine).

I presented my ideas to her and recieved positive feedback, the mock-ups were still very rough so I logged on to my site to show what some of my finished work looked like…so that it could be considered. Caitlin added that besides a flyer and poster, they will also be needing a banner…no problem. She brought up some good pointed questions which kept me on my toes, such as whether the poster designs could be adapted into flyers. I had been thinking about the communication element of the promotion material I was working on, and what I realized is that from the information Caitlin had given me (the info that they want on the flyers/posters) that it probably wouldn’t be quite clear to people WHAT exactly the ‘spring hullabaloo’ will be. So I brought this up with her and suggested that maybe it might be worth including a short explanation of the fact that it is an exhibition of art work, done by children, on the occasion of easter celebrations in different cultures.

It was through this meeting that I found out I was actually pitching against the illustrator, this shook me up a bit since it wasn’t at all what I expected…and I despaired a bit because I got the feeling that now that I have finally found a live brief I genuinely like, I bet I won’t get it. It made me wish I had more to show, even though I had a deadline coming up. When I returned home I went back to my course work but the pitch scenario kept nagging at me and under that pressure I suddenly got a burst of inspiration and churned out some pretty decent designs (above) and sent those to her on the day…to aid my case.

(poster designs)





(below) Sketches 20th Jan 2009


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