Screen Based Communication 2 Evaluation

I think I went above and beyond my own expectations in terms of the website…I managed to make it better then I thought it would be, more sophisticated, more interactive, more dynamic. I approached the unit with ambition and big ideas of what I wanted to do but after my more artsy page got put on the shelf I think my expectations were lowered since I was aware of the amount of work I had to do along with the time constraints. I completely redesigned the site

This unit is a bit odd for me from beginning to end. In the beginning I missed a week before Christmas because of my exhibition and then was sick for a week towards the end of the brief. To myself I can say that I did a lot of research, because I truly did…from looking at a lot of websites and then narrowing it down to a select few to use for primary inspiration, looking through trick and tutorials, and learning more about Dreamweaver in general. But, the problem is that I just had to keep churning forward in a wild attempt to actually finish the site! There were plenty of moments when I thought it may not get completely finished because so many complications arose and I wildly underestimated how long various stages would take. So, because of the time constraints and because my priority was to actually make the site itself, I took all the research on board, scribbled some down, kept some to memory and had to just keep going forward…there simply wasn’t enough time to stop and properly document everything. I suppose it is slightly pointless to explain this here. I understand that if it’s not there, it’s not there. ..even if it’s in my head and breathing through my work.

On top of it all I was also juggling working on D&AD as well as a live brief.

This brief overall was a brilliant experience and it’s a case where I think the grade may not quite correspond to how much I actually learned and got out of the unit.

I think the amount of time I put in into making the actual site was what made it turn out so well and I am really truly happy with it. It’s not perfect, and I have debated a few of the points already in my sketchbook (splash page debate for example) but, as my first proper website I am utterly happy with it.

My idea generation was quite impressive I think since I made almost 2 complete front end website designs (artsy and viscomm) in the short amount of time I had.

I think that in terms of the rough work, planning, notes, development of the various looks to the site, this was very strong as well. All the thumbs, sketches, plans and layouts as in my sketchbook but towards the end I ran out of time and couldn’t put all the digital variations of the site in. All the artsy versions are there but I only pooled together the main/essential developments that took place in developing my vis comm oriented site.

Planning is a bit of an ironic area…Neil stressed how important it was to make good plans and layout for the site, and one of the .net magazine articles I read focused heavily on that as well. So, naturally I put a lot of time into it and at one point it held me back because I was trying to plan everything to perfection. I was brought back down to earth when I actually made myself start constructing the site in Dreamweaver. My planning was great, but this is the first time I have made a site, and my problem was that I didn’t know what exactly to plan for! So many little quirks and problems sprung up while I was actually making the site, issues that I couldn’t have foreseen through paper based planning. It’s a bit like learning a foreign language, once you grasp certain things they become familiar and you can use them, work with them. Same thing here, I am no expert but I think that if I make a website in the future I will definitely have a solid foundation to work from.

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