Spring Hullabaloo

have been looking out for a live brief to do, something my style of work would be appropriate for primarily, and just a few days ago something finally came along!


(the original email containing the design brief shown below…)

Here is a brief description of our project:

The project will focus on enhancing creative learning in a cross section of year groups through school based workshops and a final interactive installation in the Lower Gardens.

Theme: Spring, rejuvenation, rebirth of nature.

Each school will have a specific culture they will look into – Three schools, three themes: Aztec Culture, Chinese Culture and Traditional English Folklore, discovering their celebration around spring, and finding inspiration in that for their creations.

The children will decorate lantern installations, paint rocks, make masks, write and tape poems, make traditional lanterns, create flower fields, and paint eggs during Workshops in the Academic Spring Term. A professional facilitator will be involved, taking part in the workshops but also conceptualizing the installation.

The crafts will be brought together into a themed afternoon long interactive installation on 4th April, during the first weekend of the Easter Break. All the elements will be unified by a common narrative theme of Spring Celebrations. Added creative activities, such as origami making, poem recordings and more will engage the public enhancing their imagination. In addition we will invite youth drama dance and music companies in Bournemouth to take part by showcasing their creative performances that they will have elaborated from the workshops.

Some pointers…

  • The designer will ONLY be promoting our final event in the Lower Garden on the 4th April (not the workshops):

Celebration of Spring – Chinese/Aztec/Traditional Folklore

Compilation of crafts

Art installation

  • Target audience:

Wider public of Bournemouth: families with children in Primary School Age (under 12yrs.)

Parents and children from the school who are participating in the project

· Exposition:

In schools in Bournemouth (those involved AND others)

Shop windows and event advertising board in social meeting venues (libraries, cafes etc…).

· A3 poster but transferable to a A6 flyer size

· Visually accessible to young audience

· Design elements:

Lively colors

Clear/simple typography

Festive/Energetic atmosphere

Spring feeling/elements

  • First week of Feb deadline


(corespondence between me and Caitlin)

spring-hullabaloo-contact-13(in response to Caitlin’s request to see some of my work I posted what I thought was most relevant for this particular client/project onto my Deviant Art page…theimages with white borders)


Tuesday 13th January 2009

meeting over at Arts & Events


(scanned in notes from the meeting)

As I was listening to the presentation I jotted down some questions (see notes above), at the end of the meeting Caitlin took me and Jeff aside (the designers) to talk to us one on one about the brief. I brought up the questions with her, which she took down and said she will email us a pack of  information pertaining to our questions. For now we were told to simply start generating ideas, do some sketches, individually. Then when we meet next we can bring what we have done and Jeff and I can put our heads together and collaborate properly as a team from that point.

As Jeff and I were leaving we realized that we had met before, that he knows one of my housemates and lives close by. This broke the ice and we got chatting about how much easier  in terms of communiation and work the project will be since we live so close together. Jeff also came across as a very easy person to get along with and hopefully work with…though I guess I will find out more about the teamwork aspect soon.

I think the both meetings went really well, the organizers (and in this case my clients) came across as people I could work with well, no conflicts or issues arose that could foreshadow problems in the future. So, I don’t think this will be the case of a difficult client, quite the opposite. Though Caitlin and Flo are both students, they were very professional and inspiring I think, and came across as confident in what they wanted to achieve through this event. I think that there is a fine line in student meetings like this, sometimes if the leadership is trying to be too professional they can come across as quite cold and unapproachable…of course there is the opposite as well, when they try to be too friendly and things just get lax and disorganized because they make exceptions for everyone. I think that Caitlin and Flo got it just right.

spring-hullabaloo-contact-7(information pack for us designers…January 14th)

The text we need on the flyers and posters are as follows. Please keep in mind that this is a guideline and that some details may change. We will be using A3 posters and A6 double sided flyers. I will get back to you shortly on deadlines however I think it might useful to meet again next week with some developed ideas. How does Wednesday at 1 sound?

Poster and Flyer Text

Project Title: Spring Hullabaloo

Place of Event: Bournemouth Lower Gardens

Time and Date of Event: 4th April 12-5

Additional Info: Free / Logos from sponsors and funders/ AIB logo.

Programme Schedule (This will be quite simple it just needs to convey times and the people involved)


  • Totem pole.
  • The rocks will be collated into an installation, still engaging with the other elements of crafts created.
  • The masks will create a crowd of faces on sticks around the pole.
  • An interactive Aztec Calendar will give the opportunity for members of the public to discover their Aztec birthday.


  • The Dragon Lantern will be the focus point of this area; surrounded by the Traditional Lanterns.
  • The taped poem will be available for the public to listen to – scattered around the installation area as well as written on silk like drapes.
  • We will have an origami stand, where audience members will be invited to make their own piece of art to hang on to a small cherry tree.

Traditional English Folklore:

  • The Giant Egg will be the highlight of this area.
  • The flowers will be composed into a large field that people can walk through and interact with around the Egg.
  • The plastic eggs will be collated into a “egg bouquet” sculpture (on wires, enabling flexibility and movement in the wind).
  • A Hug Me Tree will enable people to interact with their environment (it will be wrapped in textured fabric).

The examples of posters and flyers they like…to get an idea what look they are going for…spring-hullabaloo-contact-14

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