Critique (Screen Based Communication 2)

Group Critique with Kit

  • clients want to look at the work, not to be too distracted by the sight, though they acknowledge that the site is a piece of work as well
  • what background will work and look good with your work? (I think this is one strong pro of lightbox that you do not need to worry too much about the background colour of your site since you see the entire image through lightbox now directly on your page)
  • white background makes work stand out, clean + simple design
  • what you’re saying you do, make sure you do in fact do it well
  • categorize your work even within a section like graphic design…ex: identity, editorial, advertising, posters etc.
  • categorization can be the key to getting work!
  • site must be well organized to reinforce that you have a good idea for detail
  • have a description under the works about what the brief was
  • client perspective…not worried about who you are….that was an issue I came across since I didn’t know where to put my name or if I have to have it etc.
  • Vicky – found an alternative to lightbox at (see image galleries & viewers)
  • if you have your own name on the site > > > implies personal treatment, getting to know you, quite intimate vs. if you have initials which send out a front to the viewer…can work for a group of designers though
  • more worried about the viewer missing a certain piece of work altogether rather then seeing it twice in two sub categories
  • if the work is part of a set or series indicate it with 1/x
  • site must be user friendly for a busy client
  • light box —> a package way of presenting it rather then a personal way….and someone in the group thought it was the ‘easy way out’ though I disagree on that
  • why does your piece work and meet the brief?
  • > > > feedback I got….
  • links at the bottom of the homepage ‘illustration, graphic design etc’ should definitely be clickable
  • center the left piece of text to match the piece on the right …. or some other solution but make them work together and match
  • try an assymetric layout?
  • a diagonal layout with the welcome text in the top left corner, then the logo in the middle and then the rest in the bottom right corner (so the eye doesn’t even try to make it symmetrical which is what is happening at the moment)
  • feels spiritual, something about finding the inner self
  • glowing logo is a powerful image on the page
  • horror film feel due to the red and black (mainly caused by dark screen I think)
  • signature should be bigger and symbol/logo smaller
  • self help, religious….(too much glowing happening)
  • bring back the signature to the top of the ‘standard web page’ layout


it would bemore appropriate as a fine art site then a designer site…was recommended that I redesign it…nice visuals but keep them for a personal project not this brief

The critique slightly crushed my elation over my nice site design, and I really didn’t want to leave for the weekend on this note so I went to see Neil for a second opinion.

His feedback was on the opposite end of the scale, whilst in the critique they didn’t think it reflected me and my work he reinforced that it definitely conveyed my personality and style of my work. The glowing though was an issue and would need to be toned down. It was also pointed out that the navigaton bar at the bottom on the homepage ‘graphic design . illutration . etc’ was the strongest, and much stronger then the navigation bar I had on my standard site page. He also brought up something that had also occured to me when I was creating the designs…that the site (esp. the homepage) looks quite a bit like a movie site you would see on apple trailers. I recieved overall positive feedback, though appropriately critical nonetheless.

So, with a lot of feedback to sort through and finally a balanced opinion I went off for the weekend to think things over. Will I stick with what I am doing or should I save it for a personal project and make a site focused specifically for what I have done on viscomm instead?

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