Exhibition Conclusion!

Finally I am able to come full circle with the exhibition that I had over Christmas…the internet we had in Delhi was horrendously slow so there is a lot I need to cover now that I am back again.

Dec. 8th Monday morning left for India (a week early because of the exhibition…and in retrospect I am extremely thankful for that extra week because I needed every minute of the two weeks prior to the exhibition to get everything ready!)

The very next day I met with the printer to finalize the invitations first thing. Despite all the issues I have mentioned pertaining to the invitation, it turned out great and ended up being the design I wanted. Here is a scanned in version of it…


It’s basically the invitation design from this post: Latest Exhibition Design Update

They initially printed 200 invites + envelopes which they delivered just 2-3 days later. In the meantime I was fiddling with the calendar and typing up all the addresses to which I would send the invites. I went through all our business cards at home as well as through all the art catalogues to dig up addresses of artists and art galleries in New Delhi. Then of course I had to cut all the addresses out, paste the onto the envelopes, put the invite into the envelope, glue the envelope closed……very boring and very looooong process especially since I ended up ordering another 100 invites (as I was typing up all the addresses it became clear I would need more invites).

On the day I arrived I also got an email from the Times of India for the “What’s Hot” section of the paper, requesting information about the exhibition, samples of my work and details of the works. So I sent back a PDF portfolio of my work to which I added descriptions of some of the paintings. Here are some sample pages from it…

portfolio-11– the front page –

picture-2– the next 2 pages which included my personal details and CV –

picture-31– I used this kind of alternating black vs. white to break up the sections of the PDF –




picture-7 – the last pages –


Ladi’s  Solo Exhibition

The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue is officially drawing to a close, but the ideas behind it are the birthplace of a blossoming starting point in the long-term rather then an end. It is quite appropriate therefore, that one such conclusion is my upcoming exhibition “Step-by-Step”, which is at the same time a landmark event in my artistic development, which will hopefully open doors in the future.
Though I’m from the Czech and Slovak Republics, my unique concept of home is rooted in the places I have been privileged to call my home over the years: India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Myanmar. My art is infused with the experiences from these places: the vibrant colors, memories, decorative detailing, textures, exotic smells, and rich histories and cultures.
True to its name the exhibition encapsulates my artistic development to this date; development of style, ideas, technique and themes. My “Odes series” is a perfect example of this development since the series spans over a few years and is still waiting on a few more additions. The series started with my “Ode to Nepal” back in 2004 and has had one new addition per year up to 2008 with my “Ode to Myanmar”. Another addition is on its way, an “Ode to India” which is still in early stages of planning and sketching. The series overall is a documentation of my memories of each particular country.
Some of my early pieces include “Rhythmic Animalia” and “Rhythmic Plantae” which explore themes of life, how everything is connected, and the relationship between humans, animals and the natural world. Both also focus on the use on rhythm, created by the structure in the pieces and the balancing color scheme.
One of my greatest works thus far, if not the greatest, is my “Dreamscapes Series”, a series of three huge panels through which I explore the dynamic realm of dreams and investigate the dual nature of dreams (modern scientific theory vs. ancient mythology).
My latest works this year are “First Flame”, “The Mystic’s Mandala”, and “Four Seasons”. “First Flame” is a piece inspired by fire and warmth. The connotative meaning of the piece includes the mythological idea of fire being given to man, the historical idea of the first time primitive man discovered fire, and lastly the more metaphoric meaning of ‘first flame’ representing ‘first love’. “The Mystic’s Mandala” is inspired by the heat of fire and the long flowing lines of water/air. As the name suggests the structure of the piece is inspired by the circle-within-a-square form of traditional mandalas. The theme of the piece is “India” and the designs in the centre as inspired by mehendi hand designs. “Four Seasons” is my take on the age old concept of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.
My style includes semi-figurative, semi-abstract, abstract, surreal and the odd figurative work here and there.


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