Another Exhibition Update

A lot has happened since the last time I updated my PPRD on the Exhibition front. I redid the calendar a few times, trying to compromise between what my mother (who is managing the exhibition) wanted and what I wanted. She has been getting feedback from people who have seen the designs so I made changed according to that. Here are the latest calendar designs though my momentary bubble of elation at being done with them has burst, because yesterday I heard from the printer that they printed a sample page and it didn’t turn out too well, everything was too dark! So, the plan now is that the calendar designs and poster designs will be finalized once I am back in Delhi and will be able to communicate with the printing people personally and actually give them all the Photoshop files etc.

4seasons-coverThe cover is completely different but it is one of the main compromises I had to make to sell my calendar version over the horrendous original one. The painting and the mirror image were from the original, so I had to work around that and see how I could make it a halfway decent cover. It didn’t give me much room but I did what I could. My version of the cover was vehemently protested again because it showed my logo instead of a painting. But, I still managed to salvage that design for the next page, which is the CV page.


Next…examples of the actual pages….

april-newThe calendar pages aren’t that different, I made a few changes but the main bulk of work was re-shuffling the pictures I used…

moving some of them to different months or completely replacing others.

The invitation is another story…I’ve been redoing them constantly because my mother was stuck on wanting a design (that someone else did) that looked as if they did it in word. So, I have been fighting for the right to design my own promotion materials and to actually have them WELL DESIGNED, not Word style! Again I’ve been trying to compromise my vision of the invitation with what the original card looked like. The most irritating thing that she was trying to convince me to do was to have an image of a painting on each side, and text on top of it. This is just something that I find very irritating in general as well as in relation to what the original invitation looked like (the one someone else made). I just find that unless you have the right image, the text gets lost in it, gets hard to read, confusing and so on. My last compromise was to still keep my red textured background with white text as the cover and then have a painting on the back. She still wasn’t happy with this so reluctantly I made myself make a version with a portion of a painting on each side…since she was so insistent about that. It was tricky since I had to show a big chunk of the painting and then try to fit all the text around it on the front and back. Here are those designs…



I don’t like these as much as my previous design but the quality has dwindled down due to all the compromises. Though it’s my own mother I am dealing with, it’s like working with a very stubborn client…lot of debating, redoing, communicating, trying to justify what I did and why I did it and how it’s better then what she had her mind set on before. In the end the printing people actually printed the design I posted in the previous Exhibition related post. And…she loved it! Well, at least I hope that we both had the same design in mind. The most frustrating thing about communicating long distance is that it’s so hard to keep track of which version she refers to! So the old design is back! Yes! Just a bit of the text has to be changed and done! Fingers crossed that she actually meant this design and not a different one… -.-

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