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HP ‘Personal Again’


Motion Theory helps launch HP’s new global brand campaign, mixing live action portraits and Saul Bass-inspired animation to convey how HP is making the computer more personal.

Motion Theory takes the lead on HP’s new global branding effort, with Mathew Cullen and Grady Hall directing the campaign’s 60-second launch spot for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The spot combines cinematic portraits and simple, Saul Bass-inspired design, reinforcing the new HP tagline that “The Computer Is Personal Again.” Motion Theory’s design team created the animation for the spot, infusing it with a handmade quality that seamlessly connects the graphic and the photographic. The “Personal Again” launch spot, which opens HP’s new multi-year global brand campaign, will be followed by a series of Motion Theory directed-and-designed spots that each focus on the unique ways a celebrity uses his or her personal computer.

I never realized it before reading this little paragraph, the bit about Saul Bass! I’ve seen his work and can’t believe I didn’t make the connection before! Also, for PPRD, they have other really good work on the site, so it’s something I should definitely come back to.

Saul Bass

both of the images are from: http://wordspacing.wordpress.com/2007/11/

I then came across a great Saul Bass website, I think it might be worth including it in my web design unit research since the design of the site really reflects his style.


I then went to deviantart to look at see if I could find some nice examples of advertising for notebooks and smoothies. I came across a designer I had found a while back absolutely loved his work http://demen1.deviantart.com/ (I’ll come back to him a bit later) and through him rediscovered another good design blog I had found before as well http://dzineblog.com/.

Again it’s one of the blogs which are useful to come back to periodically for PPRD.

In relation to the Smoothie brief I came across a “packaging design inspiration” article on the site.


Here are the designs they had specifical for fruit drink packaging…

Ok now a slight detour to HP related research and back to something I found on deviantart. It’s not for notebooks, rather for the Playstation 3.


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