Mac vs. PC !!! :D

Ok lots of debates going on about the whole Mac vs. PC issue, on the internet, in ads, between friends, and on a personal level of whether the next laptop I get should be a PC or Mac. Well, here is a little something I thought I should post about all the ads that have come out. First there are the infamous “I’m a Mac” ads. I really loved the ipod ads apple made, all colourful and positive…so when they came out with these ads I was rather suprised. I don’t think this goes with their image, unless they are trying to make themselves look pretentious. If they are as good as they claim to be, they shouldn’t need to resort to these kind of ads (which I think make them come across as rather desperate).

I just think that apple should have stuck with the campaign style they have in their other ads, where there is no need to compare themselves with other companies or degrade those companies. Macs and PCs both have advantages and disadvantages, neither is perfect. But, I simply hate their “Get a Mac” commercials (as seen above). Personally, it just ruined their image for me. It’s just unnecessary. Now, here’s something on the opposite end of the spectrum, which I found immensely entertaining since the Mac ads were getting on my nerves a bit.

Ok, my mac user friends, have pointed out that despite the entertainement value of this, the problems that he pokes at have been fixed. Nonethless, I think it’s a healthy antidote to the “Get a Mac” ads.

Now…just recently I saw this on tv. The PC comeback to the Mac ads! YAY! Was about time! I think that Windows have really outdone themselves through this ad, especially in a time when so much is going wrong for them ( *cough*  Vista  *cough* ). I think the position they take in the video is PERFECT! It goes back to what I was ranting about earlier about how Mac’s just took the wrong approach in their ads. PC gets back at them AND comes out on top as ‘the bigger man’ in my opinion because they don’t directly poke back at Macs saying what’s wrong with them…they just show what a HUGE market they are covering and that their target audience isn’t limited..and that they don’t need to compare themselves with anyone else!

And NOW….the finale….another funny video but I think it sweetly sums up the whole Mac vs. PC argument…

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