D&AD briefs

When the briefs were posted I looked through them and narrowed it down to the ones that I was most interested in…

  • KPMG – illustration brief
  • hp – promote HP workstations – poster design
  • design council – product design
  • PJ’s smoothies – poster design

Out of these I further narrowed it down to either the hp brief or the PJ smoothies brief. So, I then set off to do some brainstorming and research…

The first thing I thought of to look at for the hp brief was their latest ad campaign which I had seen on tv…here are the best ones I found…

HP Touchsmart PC commercial

This is the most recent one I saw in India over the summer, I think it kept coming on during one of the Tennis Grand Slam tournament ad breaks. And speaking of tennis, here is another one I remember seeing at some point (can’t remember where or when anymore).

HP’s newest commercial featuring Serena Williams

They have a whole range of these ads in the same style and I think I have seen those the most. I think that these ad campaigns are immensely successful along with hp’s new look “the computer is personal again”. Visually they are beautiful and intriguing to look at, simply eye candy. I think that these commercials are very much engrained with hp as a brand. Once you’ve seen one or two such commercials the next time you see one in the same style, part of the same campaign, you know it’s hp without seeing the logo or hearing it spoken. So hp is the ad and the ad is hp. In these ads they sometimes feature a celebrity, but they don’t show their face, just their middle and their gesturing hands. I think that this is effective because usually when companies whack celebrities into their ads I think that it’s sometimes less effective because the moment you see their face you think about what you know about them and what you associate with them rather then focusing on the product (though it may also work the other way around that the product becomes associated with the celebrity, which is what the company is trying to do in the first place). But, by cutting off their heads in these commercials they become more generic, more common, more humanized….as the viewer you associate with them because it shows how they are ordinary people who do ordinary things like you and me. By their voice and, what they talk about and the imagery, you can always figure out pretty fast who this person is anyways. But, without the face it’s as if they are presenting a more personal side of themselves which is reinforced by what they explain they use their hp PC for…so it reaches the viewer on a more personal level.

Jerry Seinfeld

Paulo + Coelho HP Commercial

This ad (below) is a bit different and doesn’t completley fit with their main campaign, it’s more similar to the first ad I put up.

Gwen Stefani HP Commercial

PJ’s Smoothies

Ok now for some PJ Smoothie research…


(The smoothie range)

(mouse over effect for each bottle)

I had a few issues with their site…the illustrations in the right-most collumn gave me the impression that they were clickable so there I was clicking away wondering why they weren’t working. Some of them weren’t actually buttons at all though the “our range” was…it was frustrating because I had to click on the actualy text in it rather then just in the imaginary box the illustration sits in. These pages I put up here and pretty good though I think their homepage is a bit weak. Also the ‘taking care of your smoothie’ section would be better suited at the bottom of the page I think. Now that we are on the web design unit I am trying to be more analytical and critical of sites I look at so I couldn’t help poiting out some of the issues I had with these sites since, after all, they are a major point of contact with the viewer.

(Smoothie Product details)

And…bring on the competition


I really like how the big orange with the halo and eyes actually blinks at you periodically, I thought that was a nice little touch. I can’t say the same about the bouncing navigation bar though, I’m not quite sure whether I like it or hate it. Some of the other little illustrations are also animated (like the heart, sofa, save £££’s, and the coins). That’s a lot of movement all over the site and like with the navigation bar I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s slightly irritating because it keeps twitching your eye away from what you were reading or focusing on. On the other hand this does have the effect of moving your eye around the entire page, which could be seen as a bonus. Nonetheless, bouncy things should be used in moderation I think.

(their homepage)


(their range)

I think that Innocent are overall in the lead when it comes to their packaging, design and logo. it’s just so simple but catchy at the same time.



(smoothie homepage)

When I went to their site, despite refreshing it a few times, their headers for the various sections kept overlapping with the text. I hope this is just a temporary glitch and not carelessness on their part. Tropicana has a very different image from PJ’s and Innocent which both focus on the more hand-rendered, traditional illustration side of advertising and branding. Tropicana on the other hand takes a much more realistic and photographic approach..which works for them I think.

(their smoothie range & packaging)

I like the imagery they use, it’s original and not something I have seen before, but…I’m having a hard time figuring it out. I mean we are talking about fruit smoothies here, not flower smoothies, so it’s sending a bit of a mixed messages. If, they decided to use the fruit + flower images to reinforce the naturre/natural aspect of their smoothies, OR, just for the aesthetic beauty of the images….then fair enough. But, it does have me wondering what they were trying to do with that. Maybe just really set themselves apart? Perhaps I can find something that will lend insight into this issue.

(their smoothie ads)

The moment I saw this ad on tv it trigered my memories of Disney’s “Ratatouille”, specifically the scene where they are illustrating various tastes of food through moving colours and music.

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