Screen Based Communication … week 1 …

24th November –30th November

  • Thursday 27th and Friday 28th : Screen Based Communication 2 (starts)
  • lots of sites need to be updated, either by you or by other people (something to keep in mind…so the site can be updated without you being there if necesary)
  • avoid a scroling gallery…like the one on Vince Frost’s site….too hard on the programming side
  • never make it necessary to press the back button instead of using links
  • our sites will be hosted on the VisComm site for a year, and then taken down to make room for the next year’s site
  • make links to your other pages to get traffic
  • show screenshots of linking to other sites
  • website shoud reflect what kind of creative you are….illustrators shoud have illustrator sites….etc. the site should reflect you!
  • if you have certain design elements recurring in your work, consider how to integrate them into the site
  • if you’re stuck and don’t quite understand what you are doing, then perhaps consider a different solution
  • look at lots of site for research, good and bad, annotate them!
  • most sites fail on account of difficult navigation and how hard it is to access content
  • “Misprinted type” good slash page
  • deconstruct how and why it works
  • Portfolio site vs. Data Base site
  • Portfolio: not only for artists but for companies as well, rather static, updated occasionally (Sara Fanelli, Peepshow, MetaDesign)
  • Data Base: search for content, less design more function (google, wikipedia, amazon)
  • web safe colours, web safe fonts, web friendly size
  • HTML: hyper text markup language
  • FTP: (web hosting) file transfer protocol
  • Average size of the sites done last year: 5-6mb
  • HTML not very precise vs. CSS is more exact
  • “Go to & Learn” tutorial site
  • Meta Tags: 50 meta keywords (name, where you are, what you do etc.)
  • Meta Description: 50 words about the site
  • people skim data, to find information quickly
  • a site is sometimes the first point of contact (so make contacting you easy!)
  • the less clicks the better
  • make sure the first page grabs the viewer, since most people leave on the first page


Friday 23rd January —> site has to be uploaded and web ready

tomorrow (friday): combining flash & dreamweaver

next thrusday:
make basic flash gallery

next friday:
project ideas

next thursday/friday:
guy from Farnham will be coming for the competition brefs (D&AD)

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