This project was a welcome break from the usual, more graphic-y or program specific briefs, and therefore had plenty of wiggle room to just go wild and indulge in whichever style or media you wanted. I took the opportunity gladly to pursue a fledgling idea I really liked and saw potential in, and also to further develop my digital painting skills in Photoshop. I’m very happy with my final outcomes though I really wish I had enough of the cream and gold Indian handmade paper left so I could have printed out all the cards on it and not only three. In my own time I will definitely continue developing the images I made for this project and maybe even turn them into traditional paintings eventually.

This project was the one I had the least time on because I missed a week when I was away in Prague sorting out visa issues, came back ill, and then used all the time I had to develop the actual visuals so I would have something to show. This is one case where the visuals and final outcomes were successful despite a lack of research…the same can’t be said for the A3 poster brief. Because of time constraints I had to leap ahead and just work on the actual visuals and therefore had to just skim over the preliminary work.

I did end up going back and trying to fill in the gaps but it just seemed a little pointless since the final outcome was done and I had loads more work to finish off on the A3 poster brief as well as the packaging brief. So, I admit the research is still lacking a bit, but it was a matter of prioritizing whether I wanted to add stuffing to this project or actually try and finish the final outcomes for the other two.

My ideas and idea generation were successful, though a bit more concise then usual which may be because this was a rare case when the right ideas decided to come my way (the direct opposite of the A3 poster brief). I had lots of rough work but it’s hidden in the layers of each image (I did post a step by step layering process of  one of the images on the blog to show my trial and error process of how I built up the image).

All in all I am satisfied with how effectively and quickly I was able to come up with good final solutions to the brief despite all the time I missed.