Yanko Design site

This is continuing on from the previous post where I discovered another oh-so-brilliant site http://www.yankodesign.com/.

I had a browse around and made some interesting finds…

If Nokia’s Aeon And A Nano Had Sex…

This phone concept encapsulates the main conclusions and connections I made whilst browsing and finding over phones similar to this one. The first thing that seems to be all the rage when it comes to phones of the future is that buttons are passe…it’s all touch screens from here on out. The second thing which I didn’t know about until today was that quite a few concept designs are all experimenting with using glass or other transparent materials.

Aurora – Second Skin by Lighting by Kyeok Kim

This next find has nothing to do with phones, rather it is a break into the jewelery market. The designs I found aren’t the best ever but the concept is very creative and original and if developed further in the right direction it could be hugely successful as well….I could see this type of jewelery being very popular at parties and other night time events when the lighting would be most noticeable. All the pieces they have right now are rather chunky and big so the next step I would recommend is seeing how you can push the technology further and move it closer to more practical and wearable type of jewelery.

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