Ultimate Bookcases

I love visiting this site! They updated all the time so there is always something new to get you thinking and get you inspired. Here is what I picked out this  time…

“Infinite wisdom : A bookcase that is a storehouse of knowledge”


I have a weakness for books…so naturally one of  the main problems that arises is where to put them all! I really like this design though it wouldn’t be suited for a small space. What I’m wondering right now though, is whether you can get inside that thing….cause it seems that there are books on the inside and outside….if they are only on the outside then that’s ok but if you can’t get in there and some of your books fall through to the other side I can see that being a problem. They didn’t address this on the site so I am only hypothesizing.

This got me thinking about bookcase designs in general so I looked that up and found a brilliant site which opened my mind to how even a bookcase can be a piece of art and doesn’t have to be just a piece of furniture…

“30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs”


And here are some of my favourite designs…

I like the shapes….I have a thing for circles/curves….but I also like how this can be a very aesthetic room divider as well as a bookcase.

Fair enough it doesn’t have circles or curves but it’s just brilliant. It’s basically a customizable bookcase and you can place the individual pieces however you want. As long as the cases stay attached to the wall I would definitely go for it…especially if they had various colors for it.

Kind of like your classic bookcase but all jumbled up and set at angles….more traditional then the first two I think but still very nice….I especially like the various sizes of the individual bits and pieces which makes it so much easier to just have everything in one place rather then all over your room wherever they fit.

This is a bit too sterile for my taste but I like the idea behind it and it could definitely be something to expand on and develop….lots of potential here.

consoleshelveI love this as a concept design but I don’t think the seating bit would be very comfortable….when it comes to reading books and watching films I think that generally people prefer soft pillow/sofa/bed type things rather then hard surfaces.

This brought back a memory that’s stay with me for years of a great furniture design I saw in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a big round thing of woven wood….kind of like a mini hobbit hole….and you went inside and there was soft seating, a few shelves and lighting (maybe more but I can’t remember). I fell in love with this concept since it really does encapsulate you in a little world of your own which is exactly what you want to do when you need a little time on your own to relax, and do some reading. I haven’t come across this design yet but I will have a search….it’s something that I would REALLY want to own some day.

What I like about this one is the division of the space…though I’m not crazy about the rest of the design and the little round things sticking out everywhere.

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