Following the Samsung Lavendar

Whenever I look at my PPRD blog I always pause over that Samsung Lavendar phone design I posted a while back. I love it more the more I see it…so I decided to indulge my obsession and try find out a bit more about it. I found the most information about it on this site:

“Yanko Design from beyond function”

This is a website similar to “The Design Blog”…it’s updated constantly and full of ideas….definitely something I will be keeping my eye on. This is what I found about the Samsung Lavendar…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this! The shape is brilliant, breaks out of the mould, the design is beautiful as is the interface. I especially like the idea of the water level in the background indicating the battery level. This is a phone that I would go out and buy today, right now, if I could. I remember when I was choosing a new phone a few months ago and really had a hard time finding something a bit more feminine, with a more interesting design and the hardest bit (a bit colourful and not black or silver!). I didn’t find something that fit all my criteria but this phone goes above and beyond them.

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