Random Find…

While re-locating the typography works I looked at to help inspire me for the A3 poster….I came across a very neat design and concept…



“Ever stopped to wonder what makes something beautiful?”



The first piece really intrigued me so I looked up the artist, found his site and had a look at the other sort of work he does. I was impressed by the range of work he has: Clarks, Mercedes, Computer Arts Magazine, Vauxhall and more. I really love his style, reminds me a tad of Si Scott but it’s still his own style not copied off of someone else. I suppose I was drawn to it because it connects with me and with my own style. It’s very illustrative, as is Si Scott’s work, but despite this both of them showcase work done for huge clients who I didn’t associate such as style with until now. This is comforting to see since one of my biggest concerns is that with my style I might have a hard time getting commercial work…since it’s a bit more of the fine art side.


Below is another design of his I really like, similar to “extrovert”. I love all the details and how when you look at it for a while, certain things pop out at you, certain associations you make with the images….kind of like seeing shapes in clouds. It’s rather abstract but at the same time grounded enough that the viewer can interpret it whils being drawn into it on a purely visual basis.


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