Pebbler Pebble (visual communiation in context 2)

New designs based on the feedback from the final critique that the shape wasn’t pebbley enough…

The first pebble is the original version, which I showed at the crit. The next is more pebbley and  then the last is a compromise between the two. Just showed them to Neil and to my chagrin he actually thinks that the original is more of a pebble then the others (he thought the newer ones looked more like glasses cases)! He showed me some pebble pictures on flickr so I went back to them and just did a few rough sketches of the various shapes. When he was showing me the pictures we came across a few with a lovely almost fractal-esque texture to them and he suggested that it may be nice to try overlay that sort of texture onto my packaging….and also to look at some nice fractals for research. Lastly he reiterrated that I should make the pebbles come in 3-5 different shapes.

It’s finally gotten through to me, I guess I was just stuck on trying to keep the pebble shapes symmetrical rather then be inspired by the lovely array of nature-created shapes they come in.

Here is a new design sheet I made based on my chosen pebble (the third one)…

So….now I’m off to try come up with 3-5 new shapes for pebblier pebbles 🙂

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