Exhibition Design Update

After making the designs, I decided to get a second opinion from one of my housemates who is on Interactive Media. He gives me good critical feedback as well as help when I need it (especially when it comes to software). He thought both were very solid good designs. For the invitation he recommended that I move the websites to the bottom of the back of the invitation. I completely agree with this, I didn’t see it the first time around because I made the back of the card as an afterthought (I tried to make it a one-page invite, but I like it better with the back). Once I do this I can then maybe see how the opening and dates of the exhibition look when they are below each other on two lines, rather then next to each other on one.

Concerning the poster…he had quite a few ideas for this so he just whacked it into photoshop and moved things around to see how it would look with slight tweaking….here it is:

Instantly I liked how in this version the symbol and the name of the exhibition lookes more unified since they were closer together. Visually it’s much better now that they are more solid and conjoined rather then in my version where they were disjointed and separate. The dates at the top may work but I will still need to play with those as well as with the bottom bit…though I do think that the line of images emphasizes the location of the exhibition nicely. I’ll post my own updated version soon. Just found out that instead of a catalogue for the exhibition I should make a calendar instead….so I will see what design elements of my partially existing catalogue I can bring over into the calendar (so that I don’t need to start from square one).

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