Feedback (visual communication in context 2)ack

  • careful on the ‘rebranding’
  • the swirl logo put ober the middle is quite like a brand stamped onto the pebble case
  • there is an ‘s’ type shape to the centre of the swirl logo while on the side view it has a nice abstract swirl shape to it…on the top view make it more of an ‘o’ shape instead of an ‘s’
  • animal’s other products have off-centre designs as well so don’t be afraid to take that approach
  • the raised swirl logo would give the pebble case a good grip and help with opening…would also give it a nice braille-like feel
  • Neil on the other hand suggested to have the ‘animal’ raised and not the swirl logo…heirarchy issues
  • ‘jimi wallets’
  • a pivot opening mechanism?
  • look into “polyurethane”
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