Summary and reflection of – WEEK 4 –

Week 4

20th October – 26th October

  • · Monday 20th: continued developing my ideas and sketches so that I would have something decent to shoe Neil, ideally all 6 cards!
    • first Dreamweaver Evening Session with Neil (missed it because I read the email regarding the sessions too late)
  • · Tuesday 22nd : went in to see Neil to check in that I am on the right track…I had managed to do 5 instead of six but nonetheless considering the whole week I had missed I think I covered a lot of ground in three days.
    • · I came in very happy with what I had done and really loving my idea, but, didn’t leave in quite the same high spirits. I hadn’t considered the target audience as I should have straight off to begin with, which is an error on my part. So, when it came down to deciding the target audience it put a damper on my things.

Thursday , October 23rd 2008

Morning : blog catch up work from what I missed whilst in Prague, talked to Claire about the greetings card project

Claire talk:

I was deliberating over whether to just discard what I had done and do something more commercial

Claire though really loved the designs and the fact that they were done in Photoshop despite having a painterly quality to them, she really encouraged me to stick with them, that it’s ok that they are different

Being different is what is nice about them, the fact that they are not mainstream

Calming/healing properties to them…something you might see in a yoga studio


Greeting card mini crit.

§ The 6 cards were practically done at this point and no big changes or concerns were brought up in the mini crit.

Talked to Sally about poster project

Saw Neil about how I missed the first session of Dreamweaver by accident

Talked to Sally and Neil about Christmas holiday dates

Sally’s feedback:

Do I want the government to give money or rich people to give money?

Clarify target audience and purpose of the add

Sharpen the message, make it clear

Research more

West vs. East issue?

Have only the coin globe (it’s a powerful image, the other images detract from it) and a catchy phrase

Gandhi quotes

Compare Christmas spending vs. Charity spending

Military spending vs. education

If we spend ‘x’ everyone could have an education

She thought it was about a planet issue NOT wealth issue as was intended

too many literal symbols

  • 24th – final critique (ill)
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