Summary and reflection of – WEEK 1 –

Week 1

29th September  – 5th October

Monday 29th September 2008

  • recieved PPRD2 unit handbook
  • encouraged to do the D&AD or ISTD competition briefs….people who received a yellow pencil in D&AD were snapped up by employers. Some students preferred to put course work first but it’s good to remember that it’s all about getting a job in the end, so prioritize accordingly.
  • keep a week by week progress journal this year for PPRD2….can be blogged, about 500 words minimum
  • timetable for this year and briefs etc. all of Blackboard
  • get a Flickr account and PPRD blog
  • Thursday we will receive brief for the new unit
  • This year we are in generally Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • dates for Dreamweaver course yet to be confirmed

Thursday 2nd of October 2008

  • worked in groups to brainstorm etc. but otherwise this is an individual project with individual outcomes
  • Critique next Thursday so have it ready for printing next Wednesday or first thing Thursday (must be Wednesday in my case since I am going to Prague on Thursday).
  • I was drawn to the ‘object’ option of the brief but I found it hard to come by an idea I deemed good enough and most appropriate for this project. As the day progressed I felt like I was losing interest and wasn’t really getting anywhere. I had two ideas that I saw as the candidates with the most potential for the project – the Bhutanese necklace and the horse statue. But, I was struggling with how to communicate my memories attached to these objects so that the viewer would understand them as well. I didn’t want the outcome to end up being too complicated, or with too much going on, or too childish.
  • Nonetheless I went home still going along with the ideas I had developed during the day, even though I felt on some level that I had come to an impasse. And quite accordingly to what I left feeling, I didn’t really get anywhere that night. But, I was looking forward to the group tutorial which I thought would help resolve my problem. I thought it would help me sort myself out by hearing where other people were taking the project. I concluded that either the tutorial would a) solidify one of my ideas and set me on the right path with it or b) something new and completely different from my original ideas would emerge out of the discussion.

Friday 3rd October 2008

  • Group tutorial about our ideas…
  • I came in still sticking to my idea but open to changing it if something better came to me.
  • After listening to a few of the other ideas around the table, I suddenly got a big burst of ideas that I jotted down there and then and decided to go with for the project.
  • When my turn came I presented the ‘social issues’ I had come up with while listening to the ideas of others. The issues being: corruption, hypocrisy, Olympics controversy, technology dump, fair society, wealth divide.
  • got feedback on which to pursue
  • So, I would conclude that this particular group session was invaluable to my idea development. I think I would have struggled much more if it wasn’t for this session. Group tutorials and critiques are generally very valueable I think on many levels. It’s always good to keep an eye on what your contemporaries are doing, or what stance the opposition will take. But also, I find that a constant input of creative material (research, looking at other peoples work, listening to ideas) does get you thinking and can set of sparks of ideas in your mind. Though this project is individual, it is good to balance it out with group work/meetings.

Weekend…4th and 5th of October 2008

  • Started working on the actual poster…see step by step development of the work done over the weekend here: link
  • Researched paper based ad campaigns
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