Year 2 PPRD begins…

My plan for this year, which was greatly inspired by the work placement project at the end of last year, is to use blogs and notes/sketches for my PPRD and Briefs to create reports out of both of them. That way the information will be organized and professionally presented. The designing of the report in itself will be great practice, since I find that for me one of the best ways to learn is to ‘do’. So, through creating these reports as well as the projects which fill them I will be able to experiment and find for myself what works and what doesn’t.

Over the summer I already embraced this idea and began designing in Photoshop and InDesign some pages for this year’s PPRD file. This was actually a follow-up of a pdf Portfolio I had to design for an Art Summit I went to in New Delhi where galleries from all over India and some international ones were represented. I designed the portfolio to promote my work and to be able to give out my portfolio to some of the galleries.

{click on the thumbnail above to follow the link}

Whilst creating the Portfolio I was also struggling to finally create a business card design. Out of these personal projects emerged a number of things:

  • finalized and printed business card, after endless versions and reworking (I must add and document this process in my PPRD)
  • birth of my own personal logo, absolutely invaluable since it is what has brought everything together-business card, portfolio and website to be (will definitely make use of what I learned and did over the summer when it comes to the web design unit).
  • PDF portfolio (done in InDesign and Photoshop) … this has a secondary benefit, which is that when my solo exhibition comes around at the end of this year I can simply expand this established portfolio design into a full fledged catalogue!
  • inevitably all this will also feed into the exhibition invitations I will need to design in a while
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