Creative Review May issue “the best work of the year in visual communication”

Just bought this edition a day or two back, after Sally talked about it in class. I don’t usually get Creative Review, I usually go for grafik magazine or computer arts, but this time the moment I saw it I had to get it. It is such a great issue since, as it says, it covers the best work in visual communication. So it’s a lovely reference to have and a great way to keep on track with what is happening in the creative industry. This kind of collection of work is great since it’s all in one place and you don’t need to have 20 issues to get the same information. I looked through it and when it came to using it for PPRD research it was hard not to annotate something from each page….so I think I will just do it bit by bit….should keep me occupied for a while : )

creative retouching section (pages 6-7)

The image that caught my attention straight away was the image # 4 by II BBDO. The image was the biggest on the page but it was the content that really made me stare at it for a good long while. At first glance I just couldn’t take my eyes away though it was rather disturbing at the same time. The image is of a cropped in section of the face focusing on an eye. The skin is silver and grungy and the eye, the real magnet and focal point, is all silver as well with a black cord wound around it. Initially I thought the black was a snake or work or something, but then it reminded me of a football (it looked like one of the ones from the Euro or World Cup, the black and silver ones). But now that I have tried to actually find the football online and looked up the agency as well (to see if they had information about what this image was about) I am not so sure anymore. It’s still an incredibly powerful image that just sucks you in, it really has made a haunting impression on me. Unfortunately I didn’t find further information on the agency site and didn’t find the football either. Here is the site:

The second image I really liked on this page was image # 5 which depicted some people on a would-be rowboat, except the row boat itself was actually a huge leaf! It’s simply a lovely image to look at…oh, just realized something now that I have looked at the image more carefully. It is actually a trick of the eye. The people are in fact on a real rowboat behind the leaf but the prespective in the image makes it look as if their boat is the leaf. Since it’s in the creative retouching section, I am guessing that the image isn’t a photograph taken from a brilliant perspective, the leaf was surely inserted digitally. Image by WWAV Rapp Collins.

(nice website, typography looks like fountain pen handwriting, reminded me of someone scribbling notes down on a napkin in a coffeeshop, with a few stains and blothes here and there).

The last image I liked on this page was image #2. Basically looks like something out of the film Hollow Man, a profile of a bust of an invisible person who seemingly ran into a wall of red paint. The image in itself isn’t the reason I am writing about it. The concept behind it and the intertextual references to other images is really what interested me. As I mentioned one reference is to Hollow Man, then another one which I have seen on tv lately is the ad for Bacardi rum. There are many many others which have come and gone through commercials and films, seems to be a fascinating and recurring image.


Best in Book section.

page 10-11 Cadbury’s Gorilla commercial! by Blink Productions, Fallon London.

I remember absolutely loving this commercial from the first time I saw it on tv, it became an instant hit with all my housemates and would always be fun to watch. Somehow the idea of a gorilla with a drum kit playing to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” was pure gold in terms of tv commercials. When you think about it it was the most random idea and didn’t involve chocolate at any stage, though it was still advertising it. But I am guessing that it was supposed to be something memorable and enjoyable. And my guess is right since Creative Review agrees that “that’s what the joyous spot was all about – raising a smile”. This was a very different style of advertising sinec usually with product ads you tend to have the product repetitively shown to you with people cooing over how amazing it is. But this ad is not pretentious and just ads a fun 90 seconds of enjoyment to generally unenjoyable commercials. Speaking of this campaign, Cadbury’s probably thought that since the gorilla ad was such a big hit they should keep it up. Their new ad just came out with some airport cars racing across the air strip to the sound of Queen. Their intentions were surely good but I found this ad to be a let down, the gorilla reigns supreme and clearly they wre hard pressed to top it.

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