Wonderland Magazine Lecture

  • he is art director of wonderland
  • is not big on typography or computeres
  • not always about great technique, rather about strong concept
  • being your own critic is very important
  • hasn’t done much editorial design
  • variety of people in a magazine company, writers, fashion people etc. diverse environment
  • left magazine company and tried lots of stuff (CD’s, t-shirts, identities etc.)
  • wonderland was originally back by Dragon’s Den
  • independent magazine (small, usually involves independent work as well)
  • strong visualand typographic identity to the magazine
  • about fashion, art and design for both men and women
  • for magazines, the cover is the first point of contact with the viewer so it must be memorable! at times is the hardest part to do and must be the best!
  • Andy Warhol reference for the second cover….
  • third cover (bettern then the second I think)
  • fourth cover with Ewan McGregor in a bear suit
  • cover takes the longest to do
  • contrasting images, type and concepts
  • digital vs. traditional/hand-made
  • Wonderland identity is unconventional, does some things that you wouldn’t always do
  • reinforcing and purifying their indentity throughout each issue
  • there can be a micro-identity for each feature
  • tearing of the page and edges
  • scanned the negatives of the cut out numbers now the numbers themselves
  • press images they recieve (no control over it and must htink of which images other magazines would use and how they would use them….and how they coud do something different with those images)
  • square, circle, triangle indicators/symbols in articles
  • type cut out by hand
  • typography from paint etc. go wild!
  • pushing legibility at times
  • keep it simple, let your work speak for itself (relating to CV designs)
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